Welcome to our Soleil Skin Bar

Glowing Skin Is Always in!

We offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments to enhance your skin’s radiance and help you achieve the rejuvenated and vibrant appearance you seek.
About Us

Welcome to Soleil Skin Bar

We are a non-surgical aesthetics clinic dedicated to assisting customers in enhancing their appearance and achieving the youthful skin they desire. In French, “Soleil” means sun, the most luminous body in our environment. At Soleil Skin Bar, our mission is to help our clients attain the same glowing, alluring, and dazzling skin as the sun does.
We offer a full suite of cosmetic treatments like customized facials, hydrodermabrasion, microneedling, dermaplan, chemical peels, LED therapy and more to give you the confidence and glow you deserve!

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What Our Client Says


Chemical Peels

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles, diminishes discoloration and evens out skin tone.

Level 1 Peels

This peel is a very superficial peel that has no downtime, but still gives tightening and brightening results. This peel can be done every 2 weeks. This peel can be done all year long. Great stepping stone to prep for more advance peels.

Level 2 Peels

This peel is a second step from Level 1 to a superficial peel adding two layers and 1-3 days social downtime, mild-moderate flaking.

Level 3 Peels

(skin must be prepped for this peel) This peel is the highest level of peels this is considered a medium depth peel. This peel consist of 3- 4 layers with 7 -14 days of social downtime with moderate to advance peeling.
Founder and Lead Beautician

Catherine Castromonte

Cathy Castromonte established Soleil SkinBar in 2022; Cathy has a total passion for skincare and is looking to help men, women, and young adults to have beautiful skin all year round. In 2021 Cathy enrolled to become a New York State Licensed Esthetician and continued to get certifications to perfect her craft. Catherine aspires to specialize in more advanced treatments, and in doing so, she will be furthering her education. The main goal for Cathy is to utilize her knowledge and skills to assist others in looking and feeling beautiful and refreshed.

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